Sale of a rental property: Can the tenant be evicted because the property has been sold?

What follows is an edited email that is representative of a question that I receive every week.

Hi there. I’m sorry to have to ask you to clarify, but I’m reading different rules everywhere. I am currently only five months into my year long lease. I am renting a single family home. My landlord just informed me today that she has signed a sale today and is asking me your leave in 60 days. I am still within my lease. Do I have to leave?? Or does the new owner become my landlord? Thank you

A lease is a binding contract.The landlord cannot force the tenant to leave before the end of the lease (and even then, it’s not that simple …) Should the property be sold, the new owner would simply inherit the existing tenant.

The issue of an existing residential lease should be addressed before the sale of the property. The owner of a property CANNOT be in a position of not being able to deliver vacant possession (unless otherwise agreed) to the buyer.